Factions as Social Classes in Divergent novel by Veronica Roth (Marxism Study)

HOSMAWATI, HOSMAWATI (2017) Factions as Social Classes in Divergent novel by Veronica Roth (Marxism Study). Other thesis, Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum.

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Divergent novel tells the story about human factions community. Since this novel discussed about the domination of factions in the novel as delineation in social class or social life and struggle of the factions in society, this novel was analyzed using Marxism theory. The method used was descriptive qualitative to explain the kinds of factions and the struggles of the factions considered as social classes to get the power in society. Thus, this novel was analyzed using the theory Marxism which focused on the kinds of factions. The data were obtained from the utterances in Divergent novel written by veronica Roth 2011. The result of the research showed that factions in the novel depicted the social class in life, especially bourgeois or capitalism and proletar, high class called bourgeois and lower class are called proletar. Therefore, the researcher classified the events in the novel with different kinds of factions which were similar to social classes in society and associated it in the research analysis. The faction of Abnegation and Erudite is the same as the bourgeoisie or capitalism because they often oppress the weak and always want to control all factions, while Dauntless, amity and Candor are the same as the proletar because they are oppressed factions. They are suppressed by the Abnegation faction and the erudite faction because they are power-hungry. It can be concluded that this novel uncovered the life of social class which was represented by faction and there five factions to found in Divergent novel. The researcher concluded that factions represented as social classes which appears in Divergent novel, there are Abnegation and Erudite representation of the bourgeois or capitalist class and Erudite, Amity and Candor representation of the proletar class. Key words: Marxism, Social Class, Divergent, Faction

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