AMALIAH, RIZKI (2017) DAVID LURIE’S ANXIETY SEEN IN J.M COETZEE’S DISGRACE. Other thesis, Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum.

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According to Freud, Psychoanalysis is the universal scope of human being’s behavior. In psychoanalysis, there are many kinds of knowledge that can be learned, one of them is about anxiety. (Boorie: 2006:7). Psychoanalysis discusses about human behavior and way of thought. Anxiety has 2 parts: cause and effect which are parts of psychoanalysis. The cause itself has 6 types: (1) past or childhood experiences, (2) everyday life and habits, (3) diet, (4) physical and mental health, (5) drugs and medication, and (6) genetics. The effect of anxiety has 5 types: (1) sleeping problems, (2) depression, (3) a lowered immune system, (4) smoking or drinking a lot, (5) a change in human sex drive. This study analyzed the cause and effect of anxiety suffered by David Lurie in Disgrace novel by J.M Coetzee by using psychoanalysis theory proposed by Freud and anxiety theory by Lily Marsh since the novel talked dominantly about psychological life of David Lurie. The purposes of the research were: (1) to know the causes of anxiety suffered by David Lurie and (2) to know the effects of anxiety suffered by David Lurie. This research applied descriptive qualitative method since the data collected were in form of words rather than numbers. The source of data in this research was Disgrace novel and the data themselves were David Lurie’s narrations and utterances related to anxiety. The utterances and narrations were analyzed using anxiety theory proposed by Lily Marsh (2017) and focused on causes and effects experienced by David Lurie. This research discussed about the main character experienced anxiety. The anxiety suffered by the main characters because some causes. The causes of his anxiety were his dark experienced and his everyday life. From the dark experienced, he failure in marriage and he was dating with his student. His everyday life when dating with some woman and got robbed made him felt anxiety. While, the effects of anxiety were sleeping problems and felt depression. Keywords: Psychological approach, anxiety, behavior

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Fakultas Bahasa dan Sastra > S1-Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Nov 2017 02:23
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