Febriani, Eka (2018) A STUDY OF PRESUPPOSITION IN PATRIOTS DAY MOVIE. Other thesis, Universitas Pesantran Tinggi Darul 'Ulum.

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x This study is about presupposition in Patriots Day movie that directed by Peter Berg and focused on Tommy‟s utterances as the main character. The purpose of the study were (1) to identify the types of presupposition which is commonly shown in Sergeant Tommy character in Patriot‟s Day movie and (2) to explain the meaning of each presupposition applied in Patriot‟s Day movie. This study used qualitative research to describe the types and meaning of each presupposition. The main data of the study was Tommy‟s utterances which shows presupposition, the supporting data were movie script and previous studies by using George Yule theory (1996,2010) and the data source was Patriots Day movie. Yule‟s theory classified six types of presupposition. There were existential, lexical, factive, structural, non-factive and counter-factual presupposition. The result of the study are 110 data that consist of all types of presuppositions delivered by Tommy as the main character on Patriots Day movie. The data found were 78 data existential, structural was 19 data, factive was 5 data, lexical also was 4 data, non-factive was 2 data and counter-factual was 2 data. Therefore, existential was more dominant. Then, the second high amount was structural, the third was lexical and the last was non-factive and counterfactual presupposition. Existential presupposition is commonly shown and more frequent because Tommy as the main character is a sergeant. He has power, authority and wants to show the existence of situation, condition, people around him and himself by saying utterances that contain its presupposition. Through structural presupposition, Tommy wants to reveal that his role becomes a leader who faces some problems to be understood by interlocutors and something that is believed by him is also believed by them. Then, factive presupposition applied because as a sergeant, his duty reveals the truth. Lexical presupposition is also used by Tommy because he wants to share non-assserted meaning or implicit meaning in the utterance that is stated by him. Non-factive presupposition also used by Tommy to show that he has right and authority for organizing the marathon and he gives an advice and warning to audiences in order that they follow his rules. Hence, counter-factual also applied because Tommy is as a leader of team of police officers to persuade his friends (police officers) to do his command because he has authority to direct police officers and threat them when they do not do Tommy‟s direction. Thus, existential presupposition is more used by him to show the situation that he faced, the power of Tommy as a sergeant and represent his mental pressure during his duty. Keywords: Pragmatics, Presupposition, Patriots Day movie.

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Date Deposited: 26 Nov 2018 02:59
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